Reality TV alum Emily Miller has been hospitalized after suffering an ectopic pregnancy.

“So a few weeks ago I discovered I was pregnant. Although it was a shock, it was something I was also quite excited about,” the Too Hot to Handle alum, 27, wrote via Instagram on Friday, June 10. “However on Tuesday I collapsed whilst being at the shops. I cannot even describe to you the pain — it felt like my whole stomach was collapsing and was quickly rushed to hospital.”

After Emily and boyfriend Cam Holmes — whom she met on the Netflix reality TV series — were taken to the local emergency room in England, where they reside, doctors confirmed she had an ectopic pregnancy. The condition occurs when the fetus grows inside of a woman’s fallopian tube instead of her uterus, according to the Mayo Clinic. The fetus is unable to survive outside the uterus, resulting in a pregnancy loss.

Too Hot to Handle's Emily Miller Hospitalized After Suffering Ectopic Pregnancy, Had Fallopian Tube Removed

Emily Miller
Courtesy of Emily Miller/Instagram

“If I had left [the fetus in] much longer, my Fallopian tube would of [sic] burst,” the model added in her social media post. “It’s one of those things you just think will never happen to you. I was just so scared. Not only was I about to lose my baby but I was about to have my fallopian tube removed with the potential of my ovary too.”

Several hours later, Emily was taken into surgery. She recalled, “I don’t know who was crying more me or Cam but was extremely emotional to say the least.” Following the procedure, Emily suffered a panic attack and felt “so much pain.” She was eventually being discharged the next day.

“Physically I’m still in a lot of pain and bed bound after the surgery but mentally it’s been even harder,” she concluded her post. “Thinking back, I definitely ignored the signs was trying to tell me early on about my ectopic pregnancy. I can only urge girls to get an early pregnancy scan just to be on the safe side to rule out any kid of potential problems.”

Emily has since returned home and Cam, 24, has praised his love’s strength in pulling through.

“So proud of @emilyfayemiller and how strong she has been throughout this,” the England native shared via his Instagram Story on Friday. “My 🌎 I love you so much 💙. Just wanted to say Thankyou [sic] so much for all your kind messages and support. Appreciate every single one of you.”

While the pair have been happily dating for more than one year, they were first drawn to each other as contestants on Too Hot to Handle season 2. While Netflix’s artificial intelligence system Lana — and the show’s premise — aims to encourage sexy singles to pursue emotional connections over purely physical ones, the twosome could hardly keep their hands to themselves. Their relationship was further tested after Cam was caught flirting with other Too Hot to Handle contestants.

“In a weird, twisted way, I’m glad it happened because if it didn’t happen in the show, it could have happened later on down the line,” Emily exclusively told Us Weekly in July 2021 after the season aired. “So at least we nipped it in the bud from the get-go and we both came out of it as better people. We are two very weird people!”

Too Hot to Handle's Emily Miller Hospitalized After Suffering Ectopic Pregnancy, Had Fallopian Tube Removed

Cam Holmes and Emily Miller.
Courtesy of Emily Miller/Instagram

Cam — who eventually lost the Too Hot to Handle prize to Marvin Anthony — and Emily continued to pursue their budding romance once they left the Turks and Caicos villa, quickly moving in together.

“All my family absolutely loves her. So I think they might be dreading watching the show a little bit,” Cam gushed to Us at the time. “I feel like my mom’s going to be on my case. … We didn’t know whether to test the boundaries. Now living together, there’s no boundaries at all.”

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