TikTok Star Loren Gray Shares Some Super Simple Halloween Makeup Ideas 3

Loren Gray
Markus Klinko

Last-minute looks! Halloween is just days away, which means it’s due time get your costume in gear. If you just so happened to forget to pull together a spooky ensemble, fear not. TikTok star Loren Gray is about to save the day with some “super simple” makeup tips and tricks that’ll let you create a costume with nothing but beauty products. 

The 19-year-old singer, who has raked up more than 54 million TikTok followers, says going for a semi-scary look is the way go — especially in a pinch. 

“My go-to would have to be the classic vampire. That’s easy, all you need is blood,” she exclusively told Us Weekly. “Literally, anything with fake blood is so easy. You could be a zombie, a zombie cheerleader, a zombie bride. There’s so many things you could do with some fake blood and some eyeshadow.” 

TikTok Star Loren Gray Shares Some Super Simple Halloween Makeup Ideas 2

Loren Gray
Markus Klinko

While mastering the whole gory vibe of it all may seem a little tricky, Gray assures Us it’s easy as can be — as long as you have the right product. She recommends scooping up a gel-like fake blood that comes in a pot, like the Mehron Makeup Coagulated Blood Gel. 

“You just put it on a paintbrush and when it dries it looks like real blood and it doesn’t get all transparent,” she explained. “You really can’t mess up.” 

The other component to this whole look is achieving an exhausted, after life-esque vibe under the eyes. To do just that, the “Piece of Work” singer reaches for the Revlon x Megan Thee Stallion Big Bad Palette, which costs $14.99. 

“The thing that makes it look the most realistic is layering shades and blending them together,” she explained to Stylish. “Take a lighter purple and blend that pretty far down underneath your eye, in your eye socket. Then, blend a maroon or a reddish purple closer to your lash line and maybe add in some brown.” 

If a scary look isn’t necessarily your speed, but you’re still trying to up the ante and experiment with your makeup on October 31, try reaching for a bright and bold lip. Because regardless of if you’re trying to channel Emily Cooper’s berry pout from Emily in Paris, dressing up as Barbie or going for a gothic vibe, a long-lasting lippie is going to be key. 

Gray’s personal favorite? The Revlon Color Stay Satin Ink, which promises 16 hours of wear. While you can totally just swipe on the product and go, Gray has a few tips for mastering the clean cut look.

“If you’re going for a really defined line, using a lip liner is really important because it helps create a guideline for where you’re going to go [with the lipstick],” she explained. “Then using a concealer around your lip like is also really helpful for me if I’m doing a really dark lip.” 

So whether you’re simply looking to up your glam game this Halloween or needed inspo for a last-minute costume, we promise these tricks will have you ready to take on the spookiest season in no time! 

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