RHOSLCs Meredith Marks Addresses Plastic Surgery Rumors Regarding Her Swollen Facing

Meredith Marks.
Chad Kirkland/Bravo

Shutting down speculation. Meredith Marks addressed plastic surgery rumors after her Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen appearance left fans with questions.

“As I am being asked about my swollen face on #WWHL, yes my face was swollen that day. No it was not a cosmetic procedure,” the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star, 49, wrote via Twitter on Tuesday, February 1.

Marks added that the proof is on her Instagram. “You can see on my insta story pic taken the next day where the swelling is down. I am human. Not every day is perfect. Sorry,” she said.

The reality star appeared in the New York City studio with WWHL host Andy Cohen and fellow guest Bridget Everett on Sunday, January 30.

Not long before she made waves for her appearance, Marks told Us Weekly tha she has a way to combat the swelling: keeping products cold. The jewelry designer recently revealed via Us’ Beauty Sleep that she keeps some of her favorite products in a mini refrigerator to help her avoid getting puffy before bed, and she even travels with the cooler.

“This is my little SoMe refrigerator where I have my roller from the Skinny Confidential. It’s cold and it feels good and it kind of gets rid of swelling,” she explained earlier this month. “What also needs to be refrigerated is this SoMe Serum and it’s really cool because they actually drew my blood, they spun it. They take out the P R P and mix it into this serum. It’s really very customized. It has to be cold because when the product hits the air, that’s what actually stimulates all of the effects.”

Fighting swelling is an essential part of her routine because, according to the entrepreneur, she has trouble getting a full night of sleep.

“It’s hard for me to, like, settle down, and it’s also hard for me to stay asleep during the night. So, I like to sleep with an eye mask because it forces me to keep my eyes closed. If I could open them, I’m going to open them and, like, start working on my phone or doing something,” she admitted. “I’m a restless person. It’s just how I’m wired. So, usually, I have a glass of wine too. That usually helps a little.”

She uses retinol serum relatively often (though she avoids it during times when she’s getting spa treatments that could interact) and mixes up her routine with a variety of different products all the time since she enjoys trying new releases and subscription boxes.

Though she slammed the plastic surgery speculation, it seems like Marks is letting the comments slide. She shared a text image shortly after her initial Twitter message with the quote: “I have no energy for hate — I either love you, wish you well or hope you heal.”

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