Rebel Wilson hasn’t just dropped pounds during her “Year of Health,” — she’s also said adieu to a whole closet of shoes. 

“I’ve noticed weird things,” the 41-year-old actress exclusively told Us Weekly about her body changes after weight loss. “My feet have shrunk. It is the weirdest thing because every time I put on high heels, they are always too big and I look like an idiot … It’s the most annoying thing ever because who would have thought that your feet would lose weight?” 

Rebel Wilsons Year of Health Left Her With a Whole Closet of Shoes She Can’t Wear
Patrick MacLeod

While the Pitch Perfect star is understandably distraught over the fact that “every pair of shoes is too big,” she knows that her newfound small feet are a result of less inflammation. 

“I was living with a lot of inflammation in the body and I just didn’t realize that. That’s why my feet were bigger, it wasn’t actually the size of foot, it was just because of the inflammation,” she said to Stylish. 

Now a shrinking shoe size isn’t the only change that’s come along over the past year. Wilson admits that she’s noticed a ton of changes in her hair, nail and skin health too. 

Rebel Wilsons Year of Health Left Her With a Whole Closet of Shoes She Can’t Wear
Patrick MacLeod

“I suffer from something called PCOS and one of the characteristics is to have fine hair. But my hairdresser was saying this morning, ‘Gosh, you hair is in such, such good shape,’” she revealed. Same goes for her nails, which have become much stronger. 

“I think just being healthier overall, it’s almost like your body is working a bit more like it should,” Wilson said. “And I think for a 41-year-old, my skin is in pretty good shape.”

While these changes are largely a result of her healthy habits (read: movement, water intake, etc), the comedian also swears by the Olly Wellness Undeniable Beauty Vitamins. “It has biotin and keratin in it. Back in the day, I was using keratin treatments on my hair. But then to ingest it, it’s kind of like beauty from the inside-out in a way. I’ve been finding that everything’s great and in good form,” she added. 

And the fact that the gummies are so “yummy” doesn’t hurt either — the Undeniable Beauty, Essential Prenatal and Perfect Women’s Multi are like her little afternoon “pick-me-up.” The reverse holds true too though, as the Bedtime Beauty gummies help the Pooch Perfect star wind down every evening. 

“I have this whole little routine,” she admits. She’ll run a bubble bath, complete with Epsom salts and the occasional bath oil (she likes the Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil), turn on “anything on Bravo” and crack open her vitamins. “I take one of these and then 30 minutes later — out. I sleep great,” she told Us. 

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