Jeannie Mai Shares Pumping Pics Details Difficult Breast Feeding Struggles

Jeannie Mai at the Bvlgari x B.Zero1 Rock Collection debut party at New York Fashion Week on February 6, 2020.
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New to nursing. Nearly two months after giving birth to daughter Monaco, Jeannie Mai broke down her breast-feeding struggles.

“It’s been the most difficult part of this entire mom journey,” the Real cohost, 43, wrote via Instagram of nursing in a Friday, March 4, Instagram slideshow. “I already HEARD it was gonna be, but I never imagined this. For me, it was even more difficult than giving birth.”

The California native went on to write that while “nature took place so fast” and she was immediately able to breast-feed, she doesn’t “make enough milk” for her infant.

Jeannie Mai Shares Pumping Pics Details Difficult Breast Feeding Struggles

Jeannie Mai
Courtesy Jeannie Mai/Instagram

“Every three hours [has] looked like this: Latch, supplement with formula since I could only give her an ounce, (IF that), go and pump to signal to body to make more milk, set alarm to take milk thistle pills, sunflower Lecithin pills, drink fenugreek tea, massage boobs, in one hour prepare boobs with a hot compress or towel, wake the baby up, repeat,” the How Do I Look? alum wrote. “I had to catch myself because it actually got to my mental [health], and things started to feel dark.”

Not only did the stylist begin “comparing” herself to other moms, but she grew “frustrated” with the inconsistency in her milk production.

“[I’ve been] pumping an ounce a day, nothing the next,” Mai explained. “And this is ON TOP of all the anxiety this journey can bring. Not complaining, actually here to give moms out there, breast-feeding or not, all the flowers and praise for doing your best to care for your baby — formula or boob. I have more respect for moms than ever in my life. And I have to remember me included.”

The Holey Moley star, who has been “listening to a lactation nurse, reading advice online and getting so much help from other moms,” wore a pink pumping bra and gray sweats in the social media upload.

Mai gave birth to her and husband Jeezy’s baby girl in January, four months after the pair’s pregnancy reveal.

Last month, the new mom got real with her Instagram followers about her postpartum moods. “I’m more introverted and cautious of the outside,” Mai captioned her Story in February. “It’s so weird. … I don’t feel like talking, trusting anyone. I’ve become so overprotective that anything could hurt Monaco or my family.”

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