Beauty secrets! You might have missed it, but Hilary Duff had to make some subtle changes to her appearance in order to play Sophie on Hulu’s How I Met Your Father. 

The 34-year-old actress has accumulated quite the collection of tattoos through the years, but only a couple of her designs were “approved” to be featured on the show. The remaining ink had to be covered up by the show’s makeup department. 

Hilary Duff Had to Cover Up Majority of Her Tattoos for How I Met Your Father

Tom Ainsley and Hilary Duff on ‘How I Met Your Father.’
Patrick Wymore/Hulu

“Hilary has a lot of tattoos on her arms,” the show’s makeup department head Katie Middleton told Popsugar in a Wednesday, February 1, interview. “We would get a laugh when she would show up to work with a new one.” To conceal unwanted ink, the makeup team would typically airbrush over the designs with Endura Skin Makeup. 

Duff’s heart design, which is placed on her wrist, did get the green light though. However in order to keep consistency in the plot, the makeup team had to airbrush an identical design onto Kim Catrall, who plays Sophie in the future. “We painted the little heart on Kim’s wrist so that it would match Hilary’s real tattoo,” Middleton said to the outlet. 

While the heart (along with an additional, undisclosed tattoo on her other arm), were permitted for filming, over a dozen of her other designs had to be concealed. 

The Lizzie McGuire Movie star has a handful of phrases and symbols scattered on her arms. She has an arrow and crescent moon design, roses, a picture of a bird, a sun, a tattoo of Saturn and more. 

A decent portion of her tattoos are also tributes for her family and close friends. The actress has her son’s name, Luca, inked on her wrist, as well as two matching tattoos with best friend Alana Masterson. The pair not only have matching tattoos of a two cent coin, but they also share identical ghost designs that feature the phrase “ride or die.”  

While she may have a decent number of tattoos on her arms already, the Lizzie McGuire star is showing no signs of slowing down. In January, she debuted another dainty design: a blue snake. The ink, which she showed off via Instagram Stories, was done by tattoo artist Victoria Do at Bang Bang NYC. 

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